Back annotate from a text file?

Hello All,

Is PCB Designer can back annotate from a text file? What is the format requested? I'm trying to figure if PCB Designer can be use with Xpedition PCB.

Thank you for your inquiry.
I apologize for the delay in replying to you.

In regard to your inquiry about the back annotation to our PCB Designer using a text file,
is my understanding correct that you intend to input a text file output from
other CADs("Xpedition PCB" in this case) to our PCB Designer?

In that case, is that "text file" you mentioned a "netlist file"?
If it is a "netlist", you can import it to Quadcept.
Regarding the feature to import netlists, you can input many kinds of netlists
by linking Quadcept with our free netlist conversion/comparison tool "NETCHANGER"
that we offer on network.

As for "Xpedition PCB", you can import it to our PCB Designer using that tool.
■Transferring to PCBs (Net Reading) and Importing Netlists
*To link with "NETCHANGER", network environment is necessary.

If your intension is different from my understanding,
I would appreciate it if you would let me know about the feature you intend in a little more detail.

Thank you for your cooperation.
Hello Quadcept Support,

I do layout with Xpedition PCB from various schematic design (Altium, Orcad, Eagle,etc..). I can import a netlist from Quadcept. When the layout is done I do renumber the PCB and i need to back annotate the schematic. Xpedition generate a "was-is" file that needs to be imported in the schematic to annotate it according to the PCB that have been renumbered.  How can I back-annotate the schematic done in Quadcept (SCH) after the renumber in Xpedition PCB? I have attached a sample WAS-IS file. the file show that C2 was changed to C17, C3 was changed to C21...

Thanks for your help.

Thank you for your reply.

If you design both a schematic and a PCB in Quadcept,
you can perform a back-annotation from the PCB to the schematic in Quadcept.

However, a feature to directly back-annotate from PCB data designed with other CADs
to the schematic in Quadcept is not supported.

If schematic and PCB data are Quadcept ones, it is possible to back-annotate,
so if you would create the PCB data in Quadcept by preparing the footprints
for components used in the schematic designed with Quadcept and
importing the netlist output from "Xpedition PCB" to our "PCB Designer",
you can perform a back-annotation and reflect the changes on the PCB data to the Quadcept schematic.

The overall flow is as follows;

1)Create the footprints for components used in the schematic designed with Quadcept
■Creating Footprints
*Please save them with the same names as the components(footprints) used in "Xpedition PCB".
2)Register the symbols used in the schematic and the footprints created in 1) as components
■Creating Components
3)Create a PCB project newly
■Creating a New PCB Project
4)Import the netlist output from "Xpedition PCB" in the newly created PCB sheet
■Importing Netlists
5)Perform a back-annotation on the schematic you want to reflect changes
  by selecting the PCB sheet(project) created in 4).
■Annotation (Transferring Design Changes)

If you have anything unclear, please feel free to contact us.
Thank you for your support.
Thank you for using Quadcept.
We have released the new version v10.0.0 that includes a new feature you requested.
Release Date : 11/11/2019
Version           :  v10.0.0
Summary        :Added the ability to synchronize your PCB design back to your schematic design by importing a file.

Thank you very much for your kind support!