Export Step file is error

When I export data to  Step file but have some error occur.

Please help me!
Thank you for your inquiry.
I'm sorry for my late reply.

Regarding the issue that caused an error when outputting a STEP file,
we apologize for troubling you.

For this issue, we have been checking the behavior when outputting STEP files
but not yet reproduced the symptom that you pointed out.
Then I'm sorry for bothering you but in order to investigate the problem,
could you let me know a little more detailed situation such as operating procedure when the error occurred?

Also, the symptom might be a data-dependent problem, so I would appreciate it if
you would send the data having the problem to the following mail address if possible.
■ Mail : support@4cept.com
※We make sure that we do not use your data except for this issue.

Your cooperation would be highly appreciated.
Thank you for your continuous support!