Setting 3D data for component


Quadcept software can drawn 3D but how can I set  3D data for componet.
Please help me.

Thank you for your inquiry.

Regarding your inquiry, Quacept refers to the information of
the "Assembly Area" and "Height" of a component in order to
display components on a PCB sheet in 3D.

By registering these information with a component, you can display
components in 3D using Quadcept's 3D function, so please try this.
For details about how to register the "Assembly Area" and "Height"
with a component, please see the following manual.
■About configuring the assembly area and height

If you intend to register 3D library data with Quadcept components,
I'm sorry but it is not supported in Quadcept.
Your kind understanding would be more appreciated.

Thank you for your continuous support!
Thanks for your help,

But have many component with complex shape. Quadcept can read 3D data file from another 3D CAD software, example: *.step, IDF file...

Thank you for your reply.

A step file and an IDF file are able to be imported into Quadcept.
However, this function is for checking a PCB in 3D using the Quadcept 3D viewer and
the feature that allows to extract the information of the "Assembly Area" and "Height" of each component
from a step or an IDF file and register it with the components in Quadcept is not supported.
*It is possible to import a board outline and the location information of components from an IDF file.
■About importing IDFs
■About import STEPs
*Please note that the step file import is only available in the 32 bit version of Quadcept.

Regarding the registration of the information of the "Assembly Area" and "Height",
I would appreciate it if you would refer to the above manual and register it with parts.
*"Assembly Area" can be also automatically created. Please see the manual for further information.

I'm sorry to bother you but your kind understanding would be highly appreciated.
Thanks for your help.

I hope in the future Qudacept can support register 3D component from step or IDF file ( I thinks it necessary).

Thank you for your request.

Regarding this function, we would like to share your request with
our development team and discuss the future action for improvement.

Thank you for your feedback!