Convert to CR-5000

Dear All

I have a project with PCB design, and I use a Quadcept to design but I want to convert to CR-5000 ( scheamatic and PCB layout) for another person cheking use CR-5000. Can I do this ?

Thank you for your inquiry.

Regarding the conversion from Quadcept to CR5000 BD,
the availability of the conversion of Quadcept data depends on
the features of a receiver side(CR5000 BD in this case) and
I'm afraid but it is difficult to support the convert function
to convert the data of Quadcept to that of other CADs as a Quadcept's feature.
*The conversion from CR5000 to Quadcept is available.

Your kind understanding would be highly appreciated.
Dear Sir!

I have a pcb file *.pcb ( CR-5000 data) and i want conver to ASCII file *.pcf.
But when i use Command Prompt have a error, My PC use win7.

Please help me.
Thank you for your inquiry.
I apologize for my late reply.

Regarding your inquiry, please let me confirm some things.

First, did you perform this converting operation using a computer
in which CR-5000 Board Designer is installed?

And, in regard to the feature that allows to convert database files to
ASCII ones, I think it is an optional feature of CR-5000 BD.
Is this function available in the CR-5000 BD you have?

I'm sorry to bother you but please check the above.
Thank you for your continuous support!
Thanks for your help.

But my PC don't have CR-5000 software.
Thank you for your reply.

In order to convert the database files of CR-5000 BD to ASCII ones,
the CR-5000 BD software is necessary.

We really regret to say that we cannot help you,
but we would appreciate it if you would understand it.
Dear Sir.

Quadcept can convert PCB data to ASCII file ?

Thank you for inquiry.

Regarding your inquiry, in Quadcept, "ODB++" and "DSN" can be exported as
files similar to ASCII data but the output of common ASCII files such as
*.ftf and *.pcf of CR5000 BD is not supported.
■About ODB++
■About how to export ODB++
■About how to export DSN

What type of ASCII file do you intend to output using Quadcept?
(.ftf and *.pcf files of CR5000 BD etc. )

Also, what is the purpose of the use of ASCII files?

I'm sorry for bothering you but please check the above.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Thanks for your help.

I want to output file *.ftf and *.pcf of CR-5000 BD. But Quadcept not support.