Show pin number when print

I want to print footprint addition number of pin. But this function is disable.

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  • Thank you for your inquiry.

    In regard to the function to output the pin numbers of a footprint when printing it,
    it is available only when printing PCB sheets.

    However, our design team also says that the numbers should be displayed as needed
    when printing footprints too and we would like to consider our future actions for that.
    Thank you for your precious opinion!

    The following is a workaround for now but please print the pin numbers by adding
    a custom layer in a footprint creation sheet and placing the numbers on that layer
    using text objects.
    *The text objects will not reflect a PCB unless a PCB sheet has the custom layer with the same name.

    The procedure is as follows.
    1)Select [Settings] -> [Settings] -> [Layer].
    2)Add an arbitrary custom layer on the [Layer Settings] tab.
    ■How to Add a Customize Layer
    3)Create pin numbers on the custom layer using text objects.
    ■How to Place Copper Text

    I'm sorry for bothering you but please try the above.