Setting Dynamic Plane Connection

When I setting Dynamic Plane Connection in DRC/MRC Setting panel, have some error but I don't know why ?
The first I set Gap=0.3 -> and then I buil plane but Quadcept create plane error.

I try to set Gap=0.25 -> OK

Thank you for your inquiry.
I apologize for the delay in replying to you.

In regard to the problem occurring when setting the [Gap] on the [Dynamic Plane Connection],
we have not yet reproduced the symptom although we are investigating it.

I think that it might be caused by the [Clearance Settings] on the [DRC/MRC Settings]
because the [Gap] setting on the [Dynamic Plane Connection] is a setting for the pads on which
thermals are generated, and all the pads and routes except for "GND" are filled in with planes
according to the attached image.
I'm sorry for bothering you but could you please check the [Clearance Settings] once?

If the symptom happens despite only the [Gap] setting on the [Dynamic Plane Connection] changed,
I'm sorry when you are busy but would you send the data to the following address for the investigation?
■ Mail :
※We make sure that we do not use the data you send except for this issue.

Your cooperation would be highly appreciated.
Thank you for your continuous support!