Update Quadcept .

I want to update new version for Quadcept, but have some error.

The first, I click 'Yes' button -> then Quadcept is error

Thank you for your inquiry.

In regard to the error occurring when updating Quadcept,
did it occur at the same time as clicking "Yes"?

Or did it appear when some operation such as clicking is
performed after selecting "Yes"?

In the case of the latter, could you wait for a while
even when Quadcept is not responding awhile?

When updating, Quadcept downloads updates in the background
and then decompresses them. After that, an installer is started.

Therefore, it might take some time to update Quadcept
depending on the environment of your computer.
I'm sorry for troubling you but I would appreciate it if
you would check if you can update Quadcept by waiting for a while.

I'm sorry for bothering you but please try above.
Thank you for your continuous support!