• 19/10/02 13:56:26

schemetic reference renumbering

I tried to find the renumbering reference menu. But I can't.
There are only update reference menu.

I want renumber the reference.
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  • Thank you for contacting us.

    There are two methods for renumbering References. One is to renumber all the references on your design sheets; the other is to renumber each reference individually.

    If you wish to renumber them at once, please use "Update Reference". This feature is used to renumber all the references on design documents. For details, please visit the following online manual.
    ◆ Renumber reference (update reference)

    If you need to update each reference individually, there are three ways to edit it.
    1. Double-click on a component on a design sheet, go to the Attribute tab and edit its reference.
    2. Select a component and edit its reference at the Reference field in the Property Window.
    3. Open the Comp Attributes dialog by clicking Project >> Comp Attributes, and then edit references at the Reference column.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.
    Thank you very much!