How to clean-up identical components in qdb

As you already specified, all objects have unique ID in the database. 
it means that many identical components can exist in the same database.

I found that my company's Quadcept database (in the network drive) have many identical components with different ID.
of course, many projects have been already created and stored in the database. so many components in the projects are referring component objects with different ID.

and If I remove all other identical components(only one of them being kept), those components (removed from database) in many projects will lose the link with components database.

What I want to do is as follows.

1. I want to make my company's component folder in the Quadcept database.
2. I want to store all the components which have been created by my company in that component folder.
3. I want to erase all duplicate components in that component folder.
3. I want to let all components in all schematics(projects) have still valid link to the component in the database.

actually I want to clean-up the components in the database.

Can you let me know how to do this?

attached file shows the component in the schematic missed the link with component database (after I removed duplicate component)

Best Regards
Hak-Jin Jeong
Thank you for contacting us.

Unfortunately, we currently do not support the capability to automatically delete duplicate objects. Also, if you delete a component in a Quadcept database, I am afraid the link between the components in the database and design documents will be lost, and it is difficult to avoid this.

To delete duplicate components using currently-supported features, the following steps will be required.
1) Search a Quadcept database by the file name of a duplicate component.
2) Delete all the duplicate components.
3) Search for Quadcept projects in which the component is used.
4) Replace the deleted components with the component you have kept in the database.

I understand that this was not the answer you were expecting, but I would appreciate your understanding in this matter.

By the way, the upcoming new version, Quadcept v10, will offer a project searching tool called Quadcept ProjectFinder. With this tool, you will be able to find projects by a component name or ID.

In addition, Quadcept v10 will provide a new Quadcept database called "master-db" for sharing objects. "master-db" is a read-only database that is editable only by a specific user, and helps to avoid the registration of unnecessary components.

I hope these features help your library management.

Thank you very much.