• yclee
  • 19/01/17 10:29:56

Component Reference Auto Update

Hi, I am currently facing component's reference auto update issue, details as below:

1. In my project, it consists of 3 schematics: schematic A, schematic B, and schematic C.
2. All these 3 schematics are very similar, but with some minor change on circuit design, and they are using the same MCU.
3. Ideally, all 3 MCUs are labelled as IC1, because they are separated in 3 schematics, but now the problem I am facing is:
a) Schematic A, MCU is labelled as IC1.
b) Schematic B, MCU is labelled as IC4.
c) Schematic C, MCU is labelled as IC4.
d) If I change MCU in schematic B to IC1, MCU in schematic A will be auto changed to IC4, may I know what is causing this issue? The software not allow me to have IC1 in all schematic A, B and C.

Thank you for your assistance in advance.
Thank you for your inquiry.

I am afraid the existence of the same reference is not allowed in one project. So, if you change a component's reference to the same one in a schematic sheet, the references will be switched each other like IC1 and IC4 in your inquiry.

This is because references are used to link schematic design and PCB design in Quadcept. If you need to use the same reference, it would be appreciated if you would separate the schematic designs into different projects.

If you have anything unclear, please let me know.

Thank you.
  • yclee
  • 19/01/17 16:43:26
Thank you for your reply.

But as you can see from my explanation above, not all repeated component's reference is auto update, like schematic B is having the same reference (IC4) as schematic C. And for your information, there are many components are having the same reference between schematic sheets, what puzzle me is that only some components are auto update, but others are allow to keep the same reference.
Thank you for your reply.

If you have the same reference in one project, I suppose the schematic sheets have been copied. If you copy a schematic sheet, the same reference will occur temporarily, and the repeated references will be automatically changed by the system once it has been edited.

You can place components with the same reference by copy, however, in this state, "Reference Duplication" errors will occur by ERC, and some operations such as netlist output and annotation cannot be performed.

Therefore, in the end you will need to renumber all the repeated component's references. If you need to use the same reference, I would appreciate it if you would create multiple projects to store the schematics.

Thank you.

  • yclee
  • 19/01/18 09:52:21
Hi, yes, you are right, some of the schematic sheets are copied, and now I understand the condition.
Thank you for your reply.