Where can I download Quadcept Community Edition?

Hello everyone,
I want to download free edition of Quadcept, but I didn't found the link for Quadcept Community Edition, there only a URL, https://www.quadcept.com/team/download/ for Professional Edition.

would you like to give me a webpage link?

sorry for my english.

Thank you for your inquiry.

In Quadcept, there are two user accounts, "Quadcept Professional" and "Quadcept Community", and in order to download and use the Community Edition, an user account for "Quadcept Community" is required.

If the Professional Edition is downloadable from https://www.quadcept.com/team/download/, your user account is for "Quadcept Professional". To download the Community Edition, please prepare a Quadcept Community user account.

[Registering an administrator-user(Quadcept Community)]

* A user ID and an e-mail address are unique, so if you would like to use the same information as your current user account, please cancel your current account and create it for the Community Edition again.

[Cancel Account]

If you have anything unclear, please let us know.

Thank you very much.