how do I update PCB when schematic is changed?

hello, just so you know I've recently downloaded Quadcept and I'm still getting used to it. In eagle whenever I made a change to my schematic my PCB automatically updated ( for example, when I add a component on the schematic it would be added, unrouted, to the pcb ), how do I update my pcb file with the changes made to my schematic? I'm working on a fairly number of components and I prefer not to try to route and place all of them at once. Currently the only way I know how to "update" the pcb is by deleting the file and transferring the schematic to pcb, but then I have to start from scratch, which is counter intuitive.
thank you
Thank you for your inquiry. I apologize for the delay in replying to you.

Regarding your inquiry,changes in the schematic can be reflected on the PCB by [Annotation] function.
■About the Annotation(Transferring Differences & Comparing Differences)Function
■Annotation(Transferring Design Changes)

Please open the PCB sheet you want to reflect the change contents and execute [Annotation].

Thank you very much.