Crash while try printing

While try printing the Quadcept program is crashing, please see the attached screenshot.
Please advise
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  • Thank you for your inquiry.

    In regard to the issue where Quadcept stops responding, do you mind me asking that the error has occurred at the time of opening the "Print" dialog or clicking on the "Print" button?

    In the former case, there is a possibility that Quadcept cannot access the printer set in the [Printer] setting and stops responding.

    Therefore, I am sorry for bothering you but in order to change the printer settings back to the default, would you please delete the "setting.qconfig" which is the environment setting file holding the printer settings and confirm whether the error occurs or not?

    The "setting.qconfig" file is stored in the following directory. In order to restore the file when the cause is different, please copy the file as a backup before deleting it.

    * Please quit your Quadcept before deleting the file.


    *I think you can easily reach the folder by the following procedures.
      1.Open the property window by right-clicking the Quadcept icon and selecting [Property].
      2.Click [Open File Location] on the [Shortcut] tab.
      3.The "Version" folder will open. Open "env" -> "Caches" ->"[UniqueID]".

    After deleting the setting file, I would be pleased if you would start up Quadcept and check if the error occurs.

    * By the way, a "setting.qconfig" is the configuration file of the Quadcept's "Environment Settings". So if it is deleted, settings such as "Storage Space (Sharing Settings)" will be initialized.

    If you had changed the setting of the Storage Space, I am sorry for troubling you but please re-set the setting to access your database.
    [Storage Space (Sharing Settings)]

    If you have anything unclear, please let me know.

    Thank you very much.
    Works, but VERY disturbing!
    Many attributes and components were change.
    It'll take days to recover!
    Thank you very much for your confirmation.
    I am sorry for troubling you.

    I understood it now works by doing the steps above. In that case, the symptom is likely to be caused by the printer settings.

    Do you currently have the "setting.qconfig" file copied as a backup? If you send the file to us, we will change only the printer settings back to the default and send the modified file to you.

    I would appreciate it if you would send the file to the following email address if you could send.

    E-Mail :

    Thank you very much for your cooperation.