device block :

When I'm using a device block in the schematic I actually use the same components and wiring.
How can I use blocks in the PCB designer (i.e. duplicate the footprints and routing according to the block)
Thank you for your inquiry.

Regarding your inquiry, I am afraid we do not currently support the features of selecting footprints/routings according to the device block placed in the schematic or dividing footprints/routings into blocks.

However, in regard to the function of blocking componets/routings on a PCB, it has come up for discussion in our development team and we are considering the feature implementation.

I am sorry for bothering you but we would be pleased if you would replicate the block of footprints and routings for now by copying/pasting only the "routings" and "vias" of the block with a "Filter" feature, placing the components according to the pasted routings and then changing the nets of the routings. (Or after placing parts, copy "routings"/"vias" again and paste it according to the parts you placed(the nets of routings will be changed to the ones of the parts)).

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Thank you.