• cbbob
  • 17/02/21 05:42:13

"Command Window" Available Commands?

Both PCB Designer and Circuit Designer have a "Command Window" feature that allows the user to enter typed commands. (The feature is described here: https://www.quadcept.com/en/manual/common/post-340). However, the manual does not say what commands are available to use. Where can I find documentation of all the available commands and their arguments?
Thank you for your inquiry.

Regarding commands available in the command window, we are afraid we are currently examining all the commands and sorting out the list of them, so only a part of available commands are described in the manual for now.

I am sorry for inconvenience. We are currently proceeding with checking commands and organizing documents, so it will take some more time for the release but your understanding would be highly appreciated.

Thank you.
  • cbbob
  • 17/02/21 10:22:15
Thank you for the quick response. Is there a planned release date for the document you describe?
Thank you for your kind reply.

I am sorry the concrete release schedule has not yet been determined for now.
By the way, what kind of operation would you like to perform with the command window? Depending on the operation, there might be alternate functions that I can introduce so I am pleased if you would kindly let me know about it.

Thank you.