SWAP and back annotation

After swapping some pins in the PCB, I want to transfer the changes back to the schemaic page.
I get all the changes in the annotation screen but they looks gray/disabled.
How can I do it?
Thank you for your inquiry.

In regard to your inquiry, I am afraid that net changes/addition/deletion can be confirmed in the "Annotation" dialog but transferring them to a schematic sheet is currently not supported.
[Annotation (Transferring Design Changes)]

Regarding the feature that allows the annotation of net information, it has come up for discussion and we are now considering its specification such as connecting a net using label objects or automatically drawing a connection between pins in a schematic sheet.

I am sorry to bother you but I'd appreciate it if you would reflect the changes relating net information to the schematic manually for now.

If you have anything unclear, please let me know.
Thank you.
Very strange...
What is the point with swap feature if you can't back-annotate it ???
Thank you for your reply.

In the past versions, transferring net information was also available as a back-annotation feature, but with the significant expansion and changes of specifications for the net-related features in the Circuit Designer at v9.1.0, a part of back-annotation feature for net information are currently limited.

However, we are sure it is convenient to be able to back-annotate net information, so we will continue to consider specifications. We are sorry to cause you trouble for now but we would appreciate it if you would understand we will have some more time for the consideration.

Thank you.