Assembly output drawing

How can I produce an assembly drawing of a PCB?
I've tried to export DXF, but the Reference text is not exported (all the "Output Objects" in the "Export DXF/DWG are checked)
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I'm sorry for the delay in replying to you.

Regarding the issue where References are not output when exporting a DXF file, we are also checking its operation, but that symptom has not been confirmed for now.

So, I would like to confirm a couple of things but, firstly, is the checkbox of the layer where Reference exists ("Top Silk" etc.) checked in "Output Layer"?

Also, as for Reference, since it is an object linked to a footprint, it will not be output if "Footprint" is not checked in the "Output Objects" column. It would be grateful if you would confirm this too just in case though you mentioned all "Output Objects" were checked in your inquiry.

Also, do the References not appear when importing the DXF file output from Quadcept into another tool? Or will they not be input even when you import it into Quadcept?

If the References are not input when you load it in another tool, would you let me know the tool which you are using for our confirmation?

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Please see attached file with all of the settings.
Is there another way to produce an Assembly drawing?
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I have confirmed the attached document. Thank you for the detailed information.

* As your design data was in the document, we have deleted it just in case.

The reference displayed on the origin point of a component is an object called "Reference Number", which is automatically displayed by the system for confirmation.

I'm afraid it is not an actual object on the PCB sheet, so it will not be output to a DXF file.

If you would like to output only "Assembly", "Board" and "Reference" to a DXF file, please move the References of the parts temporarily to the "Assembly" layer and then output them as a DXF file.

* When moving the References, it is possible to move together by using a filter.
The procedures are as follows.
1) Press [F] on your keyboard in the PCB sheet.
⇒ The filter dialog will be displayed.
2) In order to select only reference objects, check the checkbox of "Reference" only.
3) Select all references on the PCB sheet with [Ctrl + A] on your keyboard.
4) Select [Edit] -> [Move between Layers] to open the "Move between Layers" dialog.
  [Move between Layers]
5) Set "Top (or Bottom)" to "Layer", "Assembly" to "Layer Type", and then press "Run".
⇒ The References will move to the "Assembly" layer. If you output DXF in this state, you can export the References as well.

For "Reference Number", it is possible to print it by "Print".
If you would like to just print "Assembly", "Board" and "Reference Number", please use the "Print" feature.

For details about print settings and how to print, please visit the following manuals.
[Printing PCBs]
[PCB Print (Settings)]

Finally, regarding the display of "J1" and "J2", it is a mark displayed when the component position is locked. When you do not want it displayed, it is possible to toggle the visibility by selecting [Component Position Locked Marks] in the [Display] menu.
[Component Position Locked Marks]

If you have anything unclear, please let me know.
Thank you very much.

Understand, thanks.
How can I add reference to a footprint on the assembly layer?
The question is how to add reference in Assembly layer to NEW footprint, while building it.
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I am sorry for my late reply.

In regard to your question, am I correct in understanding that you would like to add a Reference to the Assembly layer as well in addition to the Reference that is automatically created in the Top:Silk layer?

In that case, we are afraid a Reference that can be placed into a footprint is only one for now, and creating multiple References is not supported.

If you would like to create a Reference in the Assembly layer too, it would be grateful if you would create it in the Assembly layer using a text object and then edit its numerical part after placing the footprint on a PCB sheet.
[Drawing Text]

Thank you.
Thanks for your answer.
Component reference is an elementary and mandatory feature, You must have it in Quadcept.
Thank you for your reply.

Regarding the feature that permits you to place multiple References, it has been brought up for our discussion and we have been considering its feature addition.

I suppose we will take some more time for the consideration but we appreciate your understanding.
Thank you again for sharing your idea.