I use some components taken from Digi-Key  (Digi-Key serch button).
Since don't want to display Digi-Key part number on the schematics page, the check box of "Digi-Key part number" is not checked in the attribute tab.
While I produce BOM, the header of any Digi-Key item appears, but without any contents (empty field).
Please help.
Thank you for your inquiry.
I apologize for the delay in replying to you.

In regard to your inquiry, am I correct in understanding that DigiKey-related attributes such as "Digi-Key.ManufacturerName" are empty when opening a "BOM" dialog like the following image even though "Digi-Key Part Number" have been registered with components?

In that case, the items are probably empty because the Digi-Key component information is not read in.

Digi-Key component information can be read in by;
-Opening a "Digi-Key BOM" dialog ([Project] -> [Digi-Key BOM])
-Clicking an "i" button located in an item, "Digi-Key Part Number".
-Double-clicking a component on a design sheet and opening a "Component" dialog.

*If performing the above operations while a "BOM" dialog is open, please reopen the dialog to reload the information.

It would be grateful if you would try those above.

Thank you.