[Request] Linux version of products

Please create a Linux version of all avaliable products. Not every one uses Windows Operating System (aspecially because of unfriendly and discriminating politics of Microsoft)
Thank you very much for your request.

In regard to the supported OS, Quadcept currently supports only Windows because we preferentially proceed with the enhancement of functions as a CAD system, but it has come up for discussion in our development team and we would like to support each OS including Linux in the future.

I will share your feedback too and we would like to continue the consideration.
Thank you again for your request.
Please keep me up to date in this topic and inform about when could eventually the creation of Linux version of applications become planed to start. I'm also open for testing the mentioned Linux versions for you if you get interested. Just let me know about it.

With regards,
Thank you for your reply.

Regarding supported OS addition, we are still in the course of discussion and the specific plan or schedule have not yet been determined for now but we will inform you once we have some updates.

Thank you.