Floating / stub Vias

While I'm running DRC/MRC, I get errors for all the Vias in my design:
If the via is rout to rout so the error is "floating via"
If the via is plane to rout so the error is "Stub via"
What is the reason for these errors?
Thank you for your inquiry.

In regard to the "Floating Via" and "Stub Via" errors,
they will be detected when via objects are under situation described below.

Floating Via : This error is detected when there is a via that is not connected to any copper(routes or planes).
Stub Via     : This error is detected when there is a via that is connected to the copper(routes or planes) on only one layer.

Basically, these errors are caused by unconnected vias. Please kindly confirm the error points.

Thank you.
Thanks for your answer.
I can't find any unconnected points... Please see the attached picture - do you see anything wrong?
I get this error for ALL the vias on the board.
Thank you for your reply.

I have confirmed your attached image and now check if the error occurs creating the same data but I am afraid we have not yet reproduced the symptom although we are investigating it.

Just in case, please let me confirm that
is the net names of routes connected to the via in the image the same nets as the one of the via?
If different nets from the via are assigned with the routes, the routes and via will not be connected.
Please kindly confirm this too just in case.

Also, if possible, I am sorry for bothering you but could you send the data with the errors to the following address for investigation?
■Mail : support@4cept.com
※We make sure that we do not use the data you send except for this issue.

Your cooperation would be highly appreciated.
Thank you for your suppport.

The net names on both via sides are the same.
I'm sending you the .qcom file.
Thank you for using our Quadcept.
We have released the new version v9.2.0 that fixed the issue found by your feedback.
Release Date : 2016/11/21
Version           : v9.2.0
Summary        : Fixed an issue where a DRC error, "Floating Via" was erroneously detected
                         when a route "Cap Shape" is set as "Square".
Thank you very much for your kind support!