Edit corner of GND Plane

When i buil GND Plane -> Can I change radius of corner ?

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  • Thank you for your inquiry.
    And I apologize for the delay in replying to you.

    In regard to the way to create a plane of radius 1mm,
    it is possible by configuring the value of [GRID],
    [Corner Shape], [Arc Length] and [Bending Angle] of [Polygon Plane].

    The procedure is as follows. Please apply this procedure to
    the shape you would like to create.
    *Please refer to the video I have attached.

    1.Set the value of [GRID] to "1".
    2.Select [Create PCB] >> [Polygon Plane].
    3.Set [Corner Shape] to "Arc", [Arc Length] to "1" and
      [Bending Angle] to "90 degrees" respectively on the property window.
    4.Create the plane.
      *The routing start direction can be switched by the [X] key.

    The procedure above will allow you to create a plane of radius 1mm,
    so please try this.

    Thank you for your continued support!