Open gerber file

Dear All,

Quatcept can open gerber file create by another software?
I have a file but i can not open with Quadcept.

Thank you for your inquiry.

The viewer function of current Quadcept for gerber data
allows you to check only the gerber file output from Quadcept.

Therefore, I'm sorry but the gerber data and drill data output from
other CADs are not able to be opened in Quadcept.

The following is a workaround to use the gerber data from other CADs but
it is possible to see the shape as "line" data by opening the data with
other CAM software, outputting it as a DXF file, and inputting its DXF data into Quadcept.
*Please note that a memory error might occur when importing
a DXF file because there might be a large number of line objects
when the original gerber data is converted to the DXF file.

I'm sorry for bothering you but please try this.

Thank you for your continuous support!
Thank you for using Quadcept.
We have released the new version v9.3.6 that includes the feature you inquired about.
Release Date : 2017/07/27
Version           : v9.3.6
Summary        : Added a feature to import a Gerber file in RS-274X format.
Thank you very much for your kind support!